Yarn bombing!

April 7th, 2011

Pretty sweet video. I have lots of hats that I do nothing with, but I’d need way more to pull of something like this myself.

Drop Stitch Scarves for Facebook Meme

March 23rd, 2011

This meme was making the rounds in January:

Pay it forward 2011: I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They in turn must post this and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status. The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011.

Being a yarn crafter, I figured this was definitely a meme I could support, so I accepted the challenge on my friend Rebecca’s status, then posted it to my own wall. Sadly only two people were willing to take the leap with me, but that meant I was able to spend a little more on the yarn for their gifts. I chose the Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel (on Ravelry) for the first gift, and since I loved the pattern so much, I made it for the second one as well!


Both are made from hand-painted wool purchased at Unwind Yarns in Burbank, CA. They’re almost finished–I just have to weave the ends, and block them (although I hate blocking as much as I hate weaving, so I may skip that part). I love how they turned out, and I hope the recipients are equally pleased.

Finished the blanket!

March 21st, 2011

I need better pictures–bigger, spread out, and taken with the Canon and not my Blackberry–but here it is!

After the frogging incident on Friday, I was a little discouraged, but I was driven to finish this project, in a way I’m rarely driven to finish anything that doesn’t have an immovable deadline, so Saturday I picked it up again and finished the continuous join while watching Angel season one dvds.

But even more importantly, on Sunday, since the monsoon outside was making me rethink stepping a single foot outside my door, I picked it up again and weaved in all the ends! Seriously, this is monumental for me, as I hate end-weaving more than almost anything else. I just really really wanted a finished afghan to put on my bed, that wouldn’t tempt my Zeva to pull at the loose bits.

Anyway, it’s finished, and I love it, and it’s beautiful, and I can’t wait to get started on the next one. :-D

(Oh, and the specifics–16ish balls of Plymouth Encore (the multicolor ones in the middle might’ve just been leftovers from the other 12?) for the squares, and two balls of black Plymouth Encore for the joins. And almost a year from start to finish.)

Granny blanket and setbacks

March 18th, 2011

Crochet joining

Originally uploaded by BronzePolgara

I’ve been assembling a granny square blanket using the continuous join as you go technique (which is awesome, btw). I had eight squares joined, and spent a couple of hours joining another four, only to realize that when I’d stacked the squares in the order I wanted them in, I’d screwed it up. I didn’t realize this until I spread out the newly joined 12 squares, only to find colors in the wrong place.


So yes, I frogged everything I did today. To be honest, I should frog the whole thing and start over, but that’s a little too heartbreaking for me, so I just sorted the remaining eight squares in the best possible configuration to the first eight.

So annoyed with myself. And not ready to start again today–maybe tomorrow. *sigh*

Hailey’s comet

February 3rd, 2011

I finally finished it!

Crochet star-shaped blanket

I’ve been working on this blanket for my niece Hailey since September 2008. Although really, it’s been sitting in my WIP pile for probably two years of that, just waiting for the final border and the ends weaved in. (I really hate weaving ends.)

The final motivating push happened last month because I was going to actually *meet* Hailey in person for the first time. See, my brother’s family lives several states away, and, since I suck, I haven’t visited in at least ten years. (It’s a long and boring story.) But last week they came to L.A. for a family vacation, so I pulled out the blanket, steeled my resolve, and weaved those damned ends for my wee niece. And it was such a pleasure to finally present it to her while she was still (mostly) small enough to enjoy it! :-D

The pattern is Beth’s Little Star Afghan, and the yarn is Bernat’s Satin Solids.

Hailey and her mom cuddle up under the starry blanket

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Six months in 500 words or less

November 6th, 2010

May 1st?? May freakin’ first?!!! Wow, someone needs to kick my ass. Let’s see if I can summarize the past holy-wow-six months.

TroubleBad news first: My cat Trouble died. It was a terrible terrible thing, and I still blame myself for being too busy to take her to the vet sooner. She spent almost a week in the vet hospital before she passed, and I visited her every day. I wasn’t with her when she died, arriving about 30 minutes too late. :-(

Was the “official” photographer for a meet and greet fan event with Nick Brendon.

IMG_6450Got a new friend for Jack–this is Dr. Zeva Tinycat, although she’s no longer quite this tiny, as she eats like the shelter cat she was. She’s two and a half, loves string and meowing a lot, doesn’t like people food, and bounces on the stomachs of my houseguests when they sleep on the couch.

Started seeing a therapist. She’s cool, albeit expensive. The expense adds a little to my stress, but I feel it’s the one thing I can’t really talk about with her.

Spot of my perfect momentDrove out to Zion National Park in Utah by myself and spent a couple of days hiking. It was an incredible experience. The park was beautiful, and being on my own and beholden to none was very freeing. Next time, though, I’d rather share the beauty with someone–and the little travelled trail I’d discovered.

For my birthday I got my first ever kidney stone. Yeah, it sucked donkey balls. It hit two days before, at work. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where my boss hung out with me until I was released (and it was *his* birthday). Spent the rest of the week on my couch in much pain. Bonus, I still have two more stones hanging out in my kidneys that could drop at any time. Yay.

IMG_8398Spent nine days at Disney World with nine friends and relatives to celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday. We had a BLAST! Seriously, one of my best vacations ever.

Work project kicked into high gear and the stress became the center of my life. Not the greatest month ever. However, I did make it to Carnaval in West Hollywood for the first time in about seven years, so that was cool. It’s still just as fun and crazy as I remember. And I spent four hours on a Saturday helping to assemble holiday boxes to send to troops in I believe Afghanistan. That was cool.

So now it’s November. The work project is still in progress and still stressful, but should be launching in a week and a half. Unfortunately it coincides with a Fitness Challenge being held at the work-site gym, where eight teams of eight are competing to lose the most (percentage-wise) in seven weeks. I’m blogging my progress with that little event over here, but I must say, not being able to eat chocolate when I’m stressed is doing bad things to my general disposition.

I’ve been crocheting this whole time. All summer I’d work on granny squares–boring, basic squares, each made from a full ball of Plymouth Encore. I now have 20 squares that need to be joined into a blanket. Don’t know when that’ll be happening. I also made one ginormous granny square blanket for my sister’s birthday.


So that’s the past six months in a nutshell. Hopefully it won’t be another six months before my next update. :-)

WordCamp SF

May 1st, 2010

Sitting in the first session of the WordCamp SF one-day conference, waiting for Writing Plugins for NooBs to start. Whee!

Hope and Rebirth?

April 27th, 2010

I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago, where I got to hang out with a friend that I don’t see very often (like, every two years or so), but when we do, it’s like time hasn’t passed. He’s ridiculously easy to talk to, which we did for hours, and he’s very good at pointing out things that hadn’t occurred to me, and motivating me when I’ve given up on stuff (for example, he’s the one that convinced me to see another doctor two years ago about my knee–the doctor who then discovered the torn meniscus and need for surgery). This time was no exception.

I’ve been in a rut for a long time. I’ve known it, I blogged about it, but haven’t really done anything to get out of it–and no, picking up the hook and needles again doesn’t really count. The key, of course, is getting the hell out of the house. I spend waaaay too much time alone–sure, I have no problem with my own company, but eventually it does become too much. He gave me some suggestions to move me in the right direction, which may or may not stick for the long term, but for now at least it seems to be working.

So I’m going to San Fran soon for a weekend, to attend some WordPress seminars and to see another dear friend that I don’t see nearly enough. It was totally a whim decision, which I need to do more of.

And I’ve planned some camping trips–or rather, I’m tagging along with my almost-always camping friend on a couple of her outtings. Joshua Tree should be a good place to explore with my bicycle, and Big Bear will be great for the hiking and the smell of trees, which I really miss.

I have more friends visiting in May and June, and my work on other people’s websites will be ending very soon, so maybe, hopefully, if I stay motivated, I’ll finally take my bike out to the beach once or twice in the coming months.

And totally unexpectedly, but I’m excited so I’m putting it here anyway, one of my little brothers is in town, so I’ll be seeing him this week for the first time in four years. Yay!

Which is all well and good, but the second part is, I really need to meet new people, and that’s the hard part. I suck at meeting new people. Really, truly, please don’t make me do it, suck at it. I am weird and awkward and stay stupid stuff all the freakin’ time, and my friends love me anyway, but I hate to inflict that on strangers. I haven’t really figured this part out yet, but it’s on the List.

I also really need to move out of my apartment, but that one may be the hardest task of all–I hate change, I hate moving, I hate new situations that run the risk of sucking more than the old situation. And there are a couple of other steps on the to do list, that I may or may not do, but those are the key points.

So that’s the state of me. Time will tell if I can rock as Captain of my own Destiny, or if I wind up sitting on a reef somewhere. Again.

hopeAnd since I hate imageless posts, here’s a tattoo design I’m considering (no final decisions yet, either on design or even if I’ll definitely get one). It symbolizes rebirth encircled by hope.

Using CCK field variables

April 2nd, 2010

For future reference, this is where I found the answer:


(<* php print $node->field_section[0]['value'] *>)

Kicking Drupal ass today

March 20th, 2010

It’s Drupal day again, and import data problem continues to piss me off (migrate refuses to pass properly export my tables to View, and eventually just stopped importing my table rows at all; and node-import keeps failing at step 7, line 668). So instead of beating that dead horse some more, I moved on to problems I could actually solve, and solve them I did!

First, the breadcrumbs. I needed to a) include breadcrumbs, and b) style them to match the design. I used the Menu Breadcrumb module to solve the first problem, so that the breadcrumb would draw from Primary Links instead of Navigation. For the second, I first turned to Pro Drupal Development by John K. VanDyk–page 181 had the advice I needed, i.e. to add the following function to my theme’s template.php to change the breadcrumb separator from ‘>’ to ‘: :’ :

function phptemplate_breadcrumb($breadcrumb) {
if (!empty($breadcrumb)) {
return ''. implode(' : : ', $breadcrumb) .'';

But that wasn’t enough. I needed to remove “Home” as the first item of the breadcrumb, so I changed the above code to this:

function phptemplate_breadcrumb($breadcrumb) {
if (!empty($breadcrumb)) {
return ''. implode(' : : ', $breadcrumb) .'';

And that fixed that problem! The rest was just updating the css in the breadcrumb call in my page.tpl.php file:


For some reason, my css wasn’t working on the “: :”, so I fonted them, but otherwise this worked perfectly! Breadcrumb success!

Except, then the client wanted the breadcrumb changed for one content type. No problem!

(shoot, can’t put the code here without serious edits, due to its extreme php-ness. Damn! But there’s good info on hiding blocks for specific node types here.)

Seriously, I was on fire today!

Next problem, the drop down menus were appearing under the flash slideshows on six pages. I thought it had something to do with Nice Menus, but after much googling, I found the fix to this was actually in the Flash embed code, so I added this code to the swfobject code for each:

so.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

And those are the things I fixed today. Woot!